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Sourcing the Best Staff

Alexander Lucey recruits all levels of hospitality staff

  • National/Operations and Area management
  • HR and Revenue/Financial controllers
  • Hotel and Operations Management
  • All Levels of Gastro and Country Pub Management
  • All Levels of Branded management
  • Restaurant Management and Bar management
  • All levels of F&B and C&B
  • Front of House, Reservations and Head house keepers
  • Reception, Bar and Waiting staff
  • All Levels of Michelin & Rosette Chefs
  • All Levels of Freshly trained Chefs
  • All Levels of Branded Chefs

Numerous sources are used to find the right staff for its clients. These include:

- Referrals and recommendation schemes.
- Database searches
- Recruitment fairs
- Specialist advertising
- Internet advertising
- Specific profiling

All candidates are thoroughly screened in an interview type situation, at which time details of their CV are discussed, including duties and responsibilities of previous roles. The registration process is detailed in approach, ensuring the highest service standard through informed decisions.

Candidates will complete a registration questionnaire and references are taken at this point.

Through thorough interview techniques, the company ensures that the skills, experience and preference of the candidates are fully understood, allowing precise matches for both bookings and vacancies.

Applicants are fully briefed on each booking. Information such as appropriate uniforms and shift expectations are covered, and the applicants are issued with a map and timesheet, ensuring that they arrive on time with an understanding of the unit and looking forward to the shift.
Candidates arriving for an interview for a permanent position will also arrive fully screened and briefed. Alexander Lucey gives both parties the confidence in the understanding that they are either suitable for the job they are interviewing for, or are interviewing someone who has already passed the initial screening process.

Service to the Client

Having fully screened and prepared the applicant for your requirements, the client receives an unequalled service and can look forward to getting a suitable and competent member of staff, for the relevant amount of time.

Alexander Lucey offers a response time guarantee to all its clients. With every booking taken, a one hour guarantee response time is given to the client with either the name of the applicant who is looking forward to working the booking, or with a progress update. The same guarantee applies to last minute/ same day bookings and the response time is reduced by half.

An honest approach gives the client the peace of mind while getting on with his/ her skills, saving the business time and money. As every vacancy and booking is placed with Alexander Lucey the process is placed into a skilled environment and serviced with expertise.

As a client places a vacancy or booking, an experienced consultant will visit the premises in order to understand the business. This enables an exact match to be made in the process of candidate selection. Any consultation is available to the client and feedback is seen as essential.

While taking time to understand the client’s business and its needs as appropriate, Alexander Lucey offers a service to the client that saves time, offers peace of mind and, in finding the right staff to match the vacancy, will save the client money in their business.

Having placed a vacancy, Alexander Lucey strives to understand both the business and specific needs of the vacancy. Details covered include, duties, responsibilities, salary bands, shift patterns, working environments, menus, numbers of covers, experience required and the details of any personal qualities that are viewed as crucial to the position.

An individual recruitment plan is tailored for each vacancy. This will include how many CV’s are required and when they are required. Interview times are planned and the date the role starts is established.

At Alexander Lucey, we strive, not just to meet, but to exceed your expectations from our service, giving you the freedom to do what you do best in doing what we do best.

By understanding the service expectations from every individual client, Alexander Lucey looks forward to working with the needs of its clients, inspiring confidence, loyalty and dedication to their recruitment needs.

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