Interview Questions

Team Work

When have you been part of a successful team and what made the team successful?


Give an example of when you have been a role model or showed excellent work?

Embrace Change:

Tell us about a difficult or unexpected change at work
How did it affect you and how did you deal with it?

Planning and measuring:

How do you make sure you meet deadlines and targets, or personal goals?

Results Orientation

What do you like or dislike about a target driven environment?
Give an example of a difficult target that you have achieved

Self Management

How do you know when your doing a good job?

Quality and Initiative

Give an example of when you went beyond the call of duty or showed great initiative?

Service Orientation

Give me an example of where you have dealt with a difficult customer?

Effective Communication

Give an example of when you had to get colleagues or management to understand your way of thinking?

Customer Service

Give an example of when you have provided excellent customer Service?


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